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This event is the first module with the theme “Future Fashion CEOs”. The ideology is to assist all those in the industry how to build and create a successful business for value creation, to earn decent incomes and creat continuity for this industry. Globally fashion is said to net 3 trillion dollars and it is considered to be about 2% of the global GDP. The question is are we earning out of this revenue? What percentage of this revenue is Nigeria attracting into the country? That is why SEWAFW has modeled this masterclass to help us expand our scope on how we see fashion in Nigeria and indeed Africa as whole. We say fashion is a business and big business.

Our dream is to create the first of its kind African fashion distribution retail chain, this will enable our designers in Africa to interrelate by having their clothing brands in every African retail outlet. As we go along in this Master Class, we will be bring captains of the industry to educate us on how to build our fashion brands and develop to be a known name in the global fashion industry.

The Master Class will come in 2 phases:

The Workshop; here we have the various top names in the industry tell us more on how they have built and solved the many challenges and hurdles to attain the heights they’ve are today. It will be an interactive session were the young minds can ask questions and get experienced answers and feed back. A knowledge of your niche market is important.

The Break out session; this is the session were training on different skills can be acquired. If you have an interest in beading, makeup artistry, photography, leather work, modeling and sewing (fashion & designing) and hairstyling, everyone will break into different sub-groups to participate after which certificates will be awarded to all participants.

We wish everyone an amazing experience!

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The event slated for May has been shifted, the new event date is September 8th to 10th, 2017. The audition will take place from August 11th to 12th, 2017

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ST. EVE WEST AFRICA FASHION WEEK 2017 PROGRAMME http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/03/09/459/ http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/03/09/459/#comments Thu, 09 Mar 2017 14:07:33 +0000 http://westafricanfashionweek.style/?p=459 DAY 1: ENTREPRENEURSHIP: A VERITABLE VENTURE TOWARDS SUSTAINABILITY IN THE 21ST CENTURY

This day offers a dais for breeding fahionistas in the business of photography, modeling, shoe/bag making, social media consult, PRO, hair attendant, skincare specialist, hair stylist, makeup artist, etc, to have a life time opportunity that will in no small measure be a booster to their business ventures.



Are you a budding talent? Do you aspire to carve a niche for yourself in the fashion world? Now the opportunity to show the world your talent is come. This day is put together for Models, Designers, Photographers and Hair stylists drawn from the North, South, East and West zones of the nation and engage in a theater of competiveness to clinch the top spot. Creativity, elegance, splendor, classiness, sophistication, grandeur, etc shall all be displayed on the altar of ingenuity.

On this day, judges who know their onions in the fashion industry would be on hand to give an impartial and objective decision on who is crowned overall best. Their decision would strictly be based on merit!

What are you waiting for? Get enrolled and set your eyes on the ultimate prize! It promises to be a life changing event.



On Day 3, A-list professional fashion designers drawn from different countries of West Africa would congregate to showcase their works of art. With just #50,000 only, your products get on the runway for Africa and the rest of the world to see. This offers an opportunity for great sales and a client base that cuts across different nations. More so, with #34,000 you can get a stall where your works are put on display all through the event. That’s not all; there shall be event goody bags for all participants.

International and local media houses – print and electronic – would be readily available to put your products out to millions of viewers and readers; sponsorship deals, collaborations with foreign and local brands, endorsement, etc are some of the huge opportunities this day offers.

To be a part of this continental revelation of artistry, contact us and get registered! Hurry, limited spaces available.


Evening Session:      GALA /AWARD NIGHT

Excellence, hard work and religiosity in one’s chosen career is rewarded on Day 4 of the Fashion Week. Amongst those to be so honoured are:


Musicians and comedians would be on ground to spice up the day with good music and great jokes.

Food and drinks will be served on each day of the programme!

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Payment Portal http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/02/20/payment-portal/ http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/02/20/payment-portal/#comments Mon, 20 Feb 2017 14:04:19 +0000 http://westafricanfashionweek.style/?p=431 ]]> http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/02/20/payment-portal/feed/ 4 For Exhibitors http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/31/for-exhibitors/ http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/31/for-exhibitors/#respond Tue, 31 Jan 2017 12:32:09 +0000 http://westafricanfashionweek.style/?p=385 St Eve West African Fashion Week is calling on all interested exhibitors that would like to showcase their works and craft at the west African fashion week coming up May 26th to 28th 2017 at the Eko Atlantic City.
The Booking for exhibition booth is now open and the available booth space are as follows
3sqm (2M x 2M) = N24, 000 Valid for 3 days
6sqm (3M x 2M) = N34, 000 Valid for 3 days
9sqm (3M x 3M) = N44, 000 Valid for 3 days
Note: If you are interested to showcase on the runway the price tag is N50, 000 .
Hurry now and get your crafts out to the world……who says there’s is no medium for you to shine ? We do not believe that ,neither should you . for more info call 07035830239.
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VANITY FOR CHARITY http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/23/charity-for-vanity/ http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/23/charity-for-vanity/#respond Mon, 23 Jan 2017 13:06:20 +0000 http://westafricanfashionweek.style/?p=359

Fashion means different things to different people such as clothes, bags, shoes and so many other fashion intricate pieces. The big question who makes these items, how was it done and who crafted them for you to desire to purchase them.  That’s were mastery of the craft makers come in. You will be shocked that some of them are made by people with special needs.
St. Eve West African Fashion Week is at it again, this year we want everyone to partake in this project. We want it to be interactive, we are taking it to your door step and we want you to come out for fashion.
The physically challenged in our society have a lot to offer in this industry as much as the fashionistas, why do we say that this? We see potentials were everything seem bleak. As a result, we have decided to give funds to these special set of people but most importantly is knowing that a lot of them have the passion, skill sets and gifts to be fashion designers.
The fashion industry has so many arms i.e cloth making, photography, retailing, pattern making, beads, fabric embellishment, ironing, to mention a few. In these various aspect we have identified that our brothers and sisters who are physically challenged can be given life changing opportunities from which they’ll earn a living and possibly become the next super star in the industry.
SEWAFW is happy to announce that it will be giving 12% of the proceeds from this event to Charity through various NGO’s including those that cater for people who are physically challenged. One of such organizations is the BETHESDA School/Home for the blind. We recognise that some who are challenged in their sight there are making bags and other fashion items and we are happy to partner with them also for this course.
We welcome you to come into their world and join us to expose these rare talents to the world and make Africa great with our unique rich art and cultural fashion.
Welcome to the Charity world of SEWAFW.

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Official statement on the St Eve West African Week event themed “Fashion on the Street 2017” http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/17/official-statement-on-the-st-eve-west-african-week-event-themed-fashion-on-the-street-2017-2/ http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/17/official-statement-on-the-st-eve-west-african-week-event-themed-fashion-on-the-street-2017-2/#comments Tue, 17 Jan 2017 08:12:46 +0000 http://westafricanfashionweek.style/?p=356 On Behalf of our client St Eve West African Fashion Week, Bibire Emmanuels Publicities (B.E.P) would like to officially inform the general public about the St Eve West African Fashion Week event themed “Fashion on the Street 2017.

St Eve West African Fashion Week Fashion on the Street 2017 is a glamorous opportunity to improve the life of the youths and every dream chaser out there. Of course it’s also a first of it’s kind Fashion Event that nobody has seen before in Nigeria, with the major International partners strongly in support of this event you can be rest assured it is going to be everything we promise it to be.

St Eve West African Fashion Week Fashion on the Street 2017 would change 15 People’s lives, turn 15 Dreams into realites and 15 Hustles paid by giving you the platform to showcase your God given talent and skills to the world. So are you a Photographer and you intend to capture the world like never before? Do you have that talent to make a 60-year-old woman look like a “sweet sixteen” with your Make Up? If given the chance can you be bigger than Olajumoke? Are you a Hair Stylist or Fashion Designer?

This is the chance you all have been waiting Stardom is here, begin the quest by following these steps:

Step 1: Pay N5,000 to 1006573815 St Eve Concepts Ltd. UBA

Step 2: Send your Full Name, Teller Number, Category you want to compete in and attach a Head Shot Photo to eokere@eveconcepts.com and a confirmation code will be sent to you.

Step 3: Proceed to www.westafricanfashionweek.style fill out the registration form by inputting necessary details. Once the registration is completed on the site, a date for the Zoning Audition would be sent to you as confirmation of your completed registration.

NOTE: If You Dont Get A Date For Your Zonal Audition Then Your Registration Isnt Complete.

St Eve West African Fashion Week Fashion on the Street 2017 Close of Form Sales would be at the end of April 2017 after which Zonal Auditions would take place. The Grand Finale in Lagos would produce the 15 Best Talents from all Categories as the Winner would go home with N500,000, Second Place goes home with N250,000 and the Bronze medalist takes N125,000 all with A One Year Fashion Contract. All these would go down May 26th-28th 2017 at the prestigious Eko Atlantic City Victoria Island Lagos.

Location for Zonal Audition

North: Abuja

West: Lagos

South: Port Harcourt

East: Enugu


Note: Main Venue For Zonal Audition Would Be Communicated To The Public At A Later Time.

St Eve West African Fashion Week themed Fashion on the Street 2017 would also give out exclusive VIP ticket and backstage passes to the event so friends and family can also see how you paved your way to greatness. To be part of this ticket draw, join the #SEWAFWFashionOnTheStreet17Challenge by:

  • Post a Video of yourself telling us what Fashion on the Street” means to you.
  • Follow and Tag @westafricanfashionweek123 on Instagram using the #SEWAFWFashionOnTheStreet17Challenge (As Written)
  • Best 100 videos will each get exclusive VIP Tickets, Backstage Passes and
  • Other Freebies.

Other social media platforms include Facebook: Westafricafashionweek, Twitter @sewafa123, IG @westafricanfashionweek123 Website: www.westafricanfashionweek.style

St Eve West African Fashion Week themed Fashion on the Street 2017 will feature the following categories Modelling, Fashion Designing, Makeup Artistry, Hair Styling and Photography have the below listed criteria;


  • Must Be A 5ft 9-6ft2 (Female) 5ft11- 6ft4 (Male) Waist Of 34 Max
  • Must Be A Size 8-12 In Body Mass, Waist 32 Max (Female)
  • Must Have Poise And Carriage
  • Well Manicured Nails And Kept Short
  • Natural Neat Hair
  • Must Be Able To Walk With 9inches Heels And Also Bring A Pair To the Zonal Auditions
  • Must Come With A Black Tank Top And Leggings (Female) Black T-Shirt and Black Jeans (Male)



  • Must Come With A Hot Red T Shirt And Black Leggings Or Jeans (Female&Male)
  • Basic Make Up Tools And Kit
  • Portfolio/Pictures Of Past Jobs Done


  • Come With A White T Shirt And Black Leggings or Jeans (Female&Male)
  • Digital Camera/Tools
  • Minimum Of 3 Copies Previous Work On A4 Sized Paper
  • Pictures Must Be Clear With Accurate Play Of Light


                                                            HAIR STYLIST

  • Blue T Shirt And Black Leggings (Female) Blue T Shirt And Black Jeans (Male)
  • Come With Your Handy Tools/Kits And A Demonstration Hair Piece.
  • Be Prepared For A 10-Minute Demonstration

                                           FASHION DESIGNERS

  • Must Come With 2 Finished OutfitS
  • Must Be Creative
  • Must Each Have A Perfect Finish
  • Must Be Good In Colour Combo And Fabric Match
  • Come With A Purple T Shirt And Black Leggings (Female) Purple T-Shirt and Black Jeans (Male)

St Eve West African Fashion Week Fashion on the Street 2017 also open its arms to Sponsorship and Partnership, put a Call through to 07035830239 or Mail: eokere@eveconcepts.com

For any other form of information, request or complaint about the St Eve West Africa Fashion Week Fashion on the Street 2017 please contact B.E.P 08082043180 (Calls Only), 09084168975, 08075719192 (Whatsapp Only) or Follow And DM @westafricanfashionweek123 (IG)

Thank You

Announcer: Bibire Emmanuels Publicities (B.E.P.).

http://westafricanfashionweek.style/2017/01/17/official-statement-on-the-st-eve-west-african-week-event-themed-fashion-on-the-street-2017-2/feed/ 2